Co-Founders, Partners and Leadership Teams

Partnership at its best creates enormous possibilities.  We build and accomplish more together than we ever could by ourselves.

But working relationships can be as demanding as any other intense relationship in life.  We get annoyed and offended, impatient and frustrated, insecure and untrusting, resentful and angry, competitive and dismissive. And all of which detract from our shared mission and prevent us from experiencing the joy and fulfillment of achieving breakthrough results together.

Partnership and team engagements are focused on helping teams achieve the highest levels of personal and inter-personal effectiveness.

Our universal desire is to bring out the best in ourselves and each other.  To learn and grow from each other.  To experience connection and empathy, fueling our creativity and inspire action.  To summon the better angels of our own nature, growing us as leaders and human beings.

To learn more about engaging me to work with your team, please email me at [email protected].