One-on-One Coaching

Back when I hired my first coach, there were many things I wanted to change in my life.  I was confused and insecure about my career and professional direction.  I was tired of recurring patterns in my dating life and relationships.  I’ve come to see that when we are blocked in specific areas of life, coaching provides an opportunity for breakthroughs, releasing unbelievable untapped reserves of inspiration, hope, creativity and energy to live the life we desire.  Coaching has changed my life for the better in countless ways – a strong business, a happy marriage, a blessed family life with our daughter, a wonderful loving relationship with my parents, deep abiding daily contentment.

I work with one-on-one with individuals seeking to transform their lives in this way.

  • Career and Professional Success.  You recognize certain unhelpful patterns or behaviors are standing in the way of your success and are ready to get out of your own way, maximize your potential, and experience more velocity and forward momentum in your working life.   You wish to develop the inner grounding and resilience that are the foundations of strong leadership, influence and impact. You want more clarity, personal effectiveness and success in your professional life.
  • Life Purpose and Direction.  ou are uncertain about where to direct your creative energy and how best to navigate the opportunities and choices in front of you. You are seeking clarity in your life direction and purpose, confidence in your decisions, and courage in embracing life.
  • Well-Being and Spiritual Fulfillment. You are burdened by self-doubt, low moods or anxiety.  You wish to experience more joy, spontaneity, fulfillment and spiritual connection in your daily life. You desire to lead your life from inner wisdom and connectedness and experience deeper levels of inner peace.
  • Relationships.  You wish to move beyond old and unsatisfying patterns, experience less insecurity, friction and conflict, and become more loving, generous, wise, open and fulfilled in your relationships. Your dating life is stalled.  You wish to build deeper and more fulfilling and committed relationships in your life.

Coaching sessions are generally conducted via Skype or in-person if practical.  A minimum commitment of 5 sessions is required to give the coaching process time to work.

To schedule an exploratory session, please email me at [email protected].