Entrepreneurs and Executives

Entrepreneurship and organizational leadership challenges us along every dimension, from technical competence, to interpersonal skill, sound judgment, emotional intelligence, resilience, flexibility and common sense.   Perhaps more than anything, though, it challenges our character.

My work with leaders is focused on helping them strengthen the personal grounding that is the foundation of effective leadership — and the foundation of great organizations.

Grounding is the capacity to access sound judgment and wisdom in the face of demanding circumstances.  It determines your capacity to communicate persuasively; navigate inter-personal dynamics gracefully; not take things personally; be consistent and persistent while retaining flexibility and nimbleness; identify opportunity where none seems to exist; inspire innovation amidst adversity; to bring out the best in our team; to make effective decisions that benefit your organization and drive results.

All of us have the capacity to develop along these dimensions.  For most, however, it may take decades of experience to gain a modest levels of insight and understanding about how human beings operate at a deep level.

My executive coaching engagements are designed to accelerate that learning curve dramatically.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, personal grounding does not emerge from experience or knowledge.  Rather, it is the by-product of a deeper understanding of human beings in general and the human experience as a whole. As we gain perspective and depth of understanding around these matters, our personal grounding deepens — and translates into powerful improvements in our presence, clarity, resilience, well-being and impact.

Many programs exist which purport to improve leadership but few, if any, are focused on this single variable lies at the very heart of effective leadership.

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