Work With Me

FRB Good Headshot 2I help individuals, leaders and organizations access more of their innate human potential — a potential that is unlocked when we gain a deeper understanding of the power of the human mind, the nature of the human experience, and the way human creativity works at its most fundamental levels.

My work in this field is inspired by the Three Principles, a set of observations about the human experience and human psychological functioning first discovered by Sydney Banks over forty years ago.  A blue-collar Scottish welder, Mr. Banks was struck with a profound epiphanies about the nature of the human experience and began sharing his insights with a small group of students.  Since that time, the understanding behind Mr. Banks’ original insight has spread across the globe and evolved into a profoundly incisive and effective approach to enhancing human well-being and performance.

Individual Coaching

My individual coaching engagements are focused on helping people gain deeper insight into their own lives and access deeper levels of their innate wisdom and creative potential.  There are no strategies or techniques, only a mutual dialogue and exploration that reveals the extraordinary power and wisdom underlying the human experience.  People who achieve insights through this work generally experience significant across-the-board improvements in their lives, including:

  • More peaceful and enjoyable personal relationships
  • Greater clarity, focus and energy at work
  • More spontaneity and enjoyment of life
  • A greater capacity to live with heart and courage
  • Less time bogged down in self-doubt and anxiety
  • More time simply living life to the fullest

Mastering the Human Dimension of Leadership and Organizational Performance

Insights on the individual level translate into more capable leadership and healthier, more dynamic organizational culture. I work with leaders and organizations on the human dimensions of their work.  Challenges on this dimension are infinitely varied but often look like —

  • Lack of trust or rapport among team members
  • Persistent conflict or misaligment among partners / co-founders
  • Intractable performance issues / performance plateaus
  • Counter-productive office politics, internal competition and political dynamics
  • Disengagement, pessimism or low morale
  • Frenetic or overwhelmed pacing
  • Problems with retention of high-quality performers
  • Managing “difficult” high-performers
  • A need to deepen or expand the wisdom and emotional intelligence operating in an organization

Circumstances like this can improve significantly when people gain a deeper understanding of the human dynamics at work in their teams and organizations.  This type of understanding helps people avoid their own worst tendencies, access their own best thinking, build stronger rapport with colleagues, and perform at their best.