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White Paper: State-of-Mind and Organizational Performance

In the attached article, my co-author, Paul David Walker, and I explain the role that individual and collective states-of-mind plays in organizational performance.

State-of-mind is the prevailing feeling-state embodied in an organization.  It is the lens and filter through which leaders and teams view their organization and their work.  It is a largely-invisible variable that profoundly shapes virtually every element of organizational performance.

Leaders with a deeper understanding of this variable have greater capacity to raise the prevailing state-of-mind in their organization.  By doing so, they address problems when it matters most: before they even arise.  At the same time, they unleash new levels of vitality, creativity and goodwill that are intrinsic to high-quality states-of-mind and that fuel genuine leaps in organizational performance.

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Audio Program: The Missing Key To A Fulfilling Career

Most of us want to be fully and passionately engaged in our working lives, dedicated to positive impact, committed to building value.

Yet studies suggest most U.S. and global workers are actually disengaged in their jobs.

Why is this?  What’s responsible for the gap between our desire to be engaged and the reality of widespread dissatisfaction?

In the audio program below, I suggest the answer lies in a basic misunderstanding of why people are engaged — or not engaged — at work.

Most of us assume engagement will come when we find the right work or circumstance: a job that matches our strengths and talents, that pays well, at a well-run company with mission and purpose, for example.

Seems logical enough.  Except it’s flat-out wrong.

Engagement is not a product of circumstance. It’s an orientation that we bring to our circumstances.

It is a state-of-mind or a way-of-being that, in its most powerful expression, utterly negates the power of external forces to determine how fully and passionately we engage with our life and work.

Often it seems that the most highly engaged people get that way because they have great jobs.

In truth, it is our capacity for indiscriminate full engagement, an orientation to give our best no matter what, that leads us to learn, grow, develop, take on bigger challenges, find solutions, and ultimately, enjoy more high-impact and fulfilling working life over time.

By contrast, when people are struggling in their working lives, it is often because they see external factors — the job they have, their boss’s behavior, the amount they are paid — as causes for their disengagement.  They have not yet embraced this awesome capacity we all have for full engagement in the moment.

Full engagement is within all of our reach.  It just requires that we stop looking for reasons to be fully engaged and see that full engagement is always possible, no matter what.

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