Francesco Barbera is a leadership and executive coach focused on helping entrepreneurs, executives and professionals master the human dimension of business and performance.

His approach is grounded in an understanding of the human experience first articulated by Sydney Banks nearly 40 years ago, after a profound enlightenment expeFRB Good Headshot 1rience.  Over the past four decades, Mr. Banks’ original insights have been employed by leading psychologists and practitioners to spark remarkable transformations in people from all walks of life.  This framework or understanding is known generally as the Three Principles.

Francesco received his training in the Three Principles at Pransky & Associates, among the world’s foremost practitioners in this understanding.  He completed a mentorship with master practitioners George Pransky, Linda Pransky, and Barbara Patterson as well as personal coaching from partner Erika Bugbee.  He has also completed a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica and numerous additional psychology and personal development programs.

me&cIn addition to his coaching and consulting work, Francesco is founder of Barbera Corporate Law, P.C., where he serves as legal advisor and general counsel to mission-driven entrepreneurs, investors and emerging growth companies in a range of industries, from internet, technology, media, entertainment, manufacturing, retail, health care and others.  His law firm is focused on helping visionaries build mission-driven organizations that generate positive impact at scale.

Francesco is an honors graduate of Harvard Law School, cum laude, and the University of Pennsylvania, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa.

He lives with his wife, Carolyn, his daughter, Nina, and their dog, Truman, in Belmont Shore, California.