Webinar: How Being Critical Interfered With My Relationships

In relationship, love can seem fragile and elusive.  One day we feel warmth and connection with our partner. The next, anger and distance.

But love, I’ve come to understand, idoesn’t come and go. It is not fragile or elusive.Love is a constant, binding, ever-present force that, like gravity, draws our psyche continually towards deeper connection, intimacy, joy and understanding.

Love is a constant and ever-present. What does fluctuates — and boy, does it — is our experience of love.

Our state of mind ebbs and flows.  Critical or dissatisfied or insecure thought gather within us, shrouding what we see and feel. In these moments, our partner seems flawed, our relationship doomed.

Unless we understand what has happened, all can seem lost.

Then what?  Then, our state of mind shifts.  Our mind restores itself to balance. Our mood flows.

Somehow we are guided from within back towards love.  We have humbling insights  — “Maybe I was too harsh,”  “I could have been more helpful or understanding,” “I see where they were coming from” — and as they arise, we regain understanding towards our partner, we recognize our flaws, we are drawn closer together in loving.

The essence of wisdom lies in allowing this natural process to take its course. And to recognize when we have strayed off course and lost our bearings.

In this webinar hosted by the Three Principles Global Community, I share how understanding these truths on a personal level transformed my relationships and dating life, made my marriage possible, and fueled a deeper and more fulfilling engagement with my work and life.

I hope you find it helpful.